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Changing the way your vision comes to life

The foundation of the built environment has always been the unification of various factors that work together to create a single whole. We have implemented that search for unity into our business structure, viewing each project autonomously, and offering you only the services your needs require.

Project Experience
Our Project Management Professionals are globally accredited, with extensive experience in the management of multi-faceted projects across the African continent.
Trusted track record
Our track record and reputation in the Project Management, Professional Engineering and Construction fields stand as a testament to our trusted expertise.
Systems & technologies
State of the art equipment and systems in line with accepted international standards ensure that best practice is always maintained on our projects.
An African footprint
Triple 3 operates at the highest standards throughout South Africa and Africa, constantly expanding our solutions in order to fully meet our continent’s needs.
Our BE Network
Our diverse professional network of specialists operates within the built environment, enabling us to offer our clients the best possible solution to any problem.

The Triple 3
Group of Companies

Full project integration is made possible through close collaboration between each of the Triple 3 group of companies:

Project Management
Structural Steel Construction
New Developments
Identify New Opportunities
Civil & Structural Engineeering
Concrete Construction
Joint Ventures
Develop New Opportunities
Electrical, Mechanical & Fire Engineers
General Building
Turn-Key Projects
Establish a BE Network
Civil Construction
Asset-based Investments
Planned companies in key African locations aimed at mitigating the effect of limited resources.

 We bring a tailor-made and integrated approach to each project through our centralised project management office.

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