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Leonhard Jonas New Business Development

I consider myself a competitive, motivated, and intentionally positive person. I don’t subscribe to the idea of limited potential. I want to see what’s possible, both for myself and for our clients. Personally, I have the honour of being a husband to my wife Nicolette and a father to my son Leonardo and daughter Nicole-Ann. For me, having my family behind me and supporting me has really shaped who I am and what my priorities are - well, they and my tenacity. I am never satisfied with where I am at, but always looking for ways to grow. As in life, I feel quality can always be improved, and I am proud to say that I am persistently pursuing perfection. Professionally, I spent the first 12 years in my previous life as a banker with institutions such as SARB, Investec and RMB Private Advisory. I obtained numerous qualifications in finance and property development. In 2008 I identified a series of opportunities and decided not to allow my successes to be immersed into large organizations. Over the past 15 years I completed over 200 meticulously crafted residential homes, some of which have won prestigious awards at the International Property Awards in Dubai and London. I possess strong analytical, entrepreneurial, leadership and organisational skills, as well as attention to detail. I’m a solutions guy and an anything is possible guy. I love people, and I love Paarl. I love the German characteristics instilled in me of discipline, efficiency, work ethic, being well-organized, -punctual and tradition. Trails. Mountains. Trees. Sunsets and sunrises. Good coffee. Braai. Sign me up. Let’s go! Back to Team

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