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Gawie Le Roux Group CEO

Over a span of 30 years, I have gained extensive experience in the construction, engineering, project management, and property development industries. In the early stages of my career, I quickly rose through the ranks at the consulting engineering firm where I started in 1991. As a result, I became an associate with Booyens & Koorn in 1998, just one year after obtaining my degree and a year prior to professional registration. In 1999, I founded 3GN Engineering Services CC, which evolved and led to the establishment of Triple 3 Group in 2009. I currently serve as the CEO of Triple 3 Group and hold professional credentials in both Civil Engineering and Project Management. My steadfast faith in an all-providing Savior, enduring self-belief, and unwavering support from my wife, Natasha, have been instrumental in my personal and professional life. This three-cord rope transcends my personal life and threads through all my business endeavors, keeping everything together and ensuring success. We have had the privilege of delivering numerous premier turnkey projects, as several exceptional clients saw something in me (that few others did), but which I always knew to be there. Likewise, over the years, my primary skill has been my ability to develop the perfect team for each specific project. My wife and I have two lovely daughters, both with wonderful partners sharing their lives, and we have been blessed with three lovely grandchildren so far. I enjoy spending time with them, travelling, participating in obstacle course racing, Bible study, and walking in the bush. Back to Team

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